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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Workshop at The Teaching Studios

To register for this workshop or for additional information, please go to:

The Classical Portrait

A 2 day workshop with Camie Salaz (formerly known as Cammie Davis) Fri-Sat, April 12-13 at our Brooklyn Studio
12 students max, $250
This workshop is unique in the way that both technical and thematic questions will be addressed.
Discussions on character development and capturing/creating emotion will be woven throughout both sessions. 

Ms. Davis began her professional painting career, showing nationally and teaching at the Water Street Atelier/Grand Central Academy in 2006 until she branched out on her own in 2010. She now resides in the beautiful Hudson River Valley with her husband, fellow classical painter Ken Salaz and their son.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Painting by Camie Salaz

Au Clair De La Lune

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 “Beauty addresses itself chiefly to sight; but there is a beauty for the hearing too, as in certain combinations of words and in all kinds of music, for melodies and cadences are beautiful; and minds that lift themselves above the realm of sense to a higher order are aware of beauty in the conduct of life, in actions, in character, in the pursuits of the intellect; and there is the beauty of the virtues. What loftier beauty there may be, yet, our argument will bring to light.”
                    - Plotinus - First paragraph from Sixth Tractate

This past year, I have been both writing and collecting previously written excerpts on Beauty, Narrative and Composition and have been posting them on my website under "The Gilded Press"

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Portrait Class

I am thrilled to announce that I begin teaching again in October at The Art Academy of Westchester

New Portrait Class

Drawing and Painting the Portrait

In this ongoing portrait class, students begin by drawing from the Antique Casts.  Drawing and Painting from the Antique Portrait Casts inspires a deeper understanding of fundamental questions of measurement, proportion, anatomy and value construction. A slow, thoughtful and focused approach is encouraged through individual instruction.  All levels, including absolute beginners are greatly welcomed into the class.
As each student wishes, they progress from Antique Cast to drawing to Drawing from the live model.  Through either the medium of graphite or oils, we build on our solid foundation of measurement, proportion, anatomy and value construction and add the study of naturalistic flesh tones and understanding of light on form.
This portrait class is designed to slowly build student’s technical ability while creating beautiful works of art along the way and this is accomplished no matter the current skill set of each individual student.

Portrait Drawing/Painting from the Antique
Begins Sunday Oct 14th 
10am to noon, 35.00$ per session

Portrait Drawing/Painting from Life 
Begins Sunday November 11th
Noon to 2pm 35.00$ per session (plus model fee – to be announced)

These Portrait classes are on going

Fall session ends in December, Sunday the 16th will be the last class

Winter Session will start up again in January?

The Virgin of Corinth

A classical order is one of the ancient styles of classical architecture, each distinguished by its proportions, characteristic profiles and details, and most readily recognizable by the type of column employed. Three ancient orders of architecture—theDoricIonic, and Corinthian—originated in Greece

The oldest known example of a Corinthian column is in the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae in Arcadia, ca 450420 BC. It is not part of the order of the temple itself, which has a Doric colonnade surrounding the temple and an Ionic order within the cella enclosure. 

A single Corinthian column stands free, centered within the cella. This is a mysterious feature.

In classical times, Corinth rivaled Athens and Thebes in wealth and trade. During this era Corinthians developed the Corinthian orderThe Corinthian order was the most complicated of the three. The city was renowned for The temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
I have recently finished this Drawing entitled "The Last Virgin of Corinth" in recognition of the creative origins of "The Corinthian Column".   It is Graphite and White Chalk on Toned Paper, 10" x 24" Enjoy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ode to Travis Schlaht

Two extraordinary portraits on exhibition at the John Pence Gallery.

Blue Dress 20" x 27"

Wisdom 16" x 20"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dana Gallery "Paint Out"

"Sunset Over 9 Pipes"
Kenneth Salaz

Congratulations to Ken Salaz, invited to participate in this year's landscape painting "Paint Out" hosted by the Dana Gallery in Missoula Montana.

Congratulations on your three sales opening night!

From architects’ artisan choices:

"Finally, Eric Stengel speaks of cherry picking the talent to match what needs to be accomplished. At the top of his roster: Page|Duke Landscape Architects, Vintage Millworks Inc., and Chicago Decorators Supply Corp. And then, his idea of “jaw-dropping” visual art: works from Camie Davis, founder of the Artisans Guild for Classical Narrative Painting; A fine arts school that teaches drawing the way it was done during the Renaissance. “It is an unbelievable contribution,” he says. “Terrific.”

Eric Stengel Architecture

Friday, July 1, 2011

Timberfiel 10 Opening Reception

To the left, the artists attending with Kip Forbes:

Camie Davis, John Patrick Campbell, Rob Clarke, Bryan Le Boeuf, George Towne, Wendy Walworth, Timothy Jahn, Ed Terpening, Patricia Watwood and John Dowd.

Below, My Husband Ken Salaz, brilliant landscape painter, and I and our sweet baby on the way posing with Narcissus at the opening.

Timberfiel 10 Opening Reception

What a great evening with an exceptional group of artists!

Last year, Christopher Forbes and Stephen Doherty invited a group of 10 artists to paint at the Forbes Estate. Those artists have been invited to share work done that week, and later work inspired by the trip.

Work is on view through Sept at The Forbes Gallery, New York City.